Urban Golf - Your leisure is our pleasure


Presenting Urban golf. A game for multiple players combining the joys of golfing with the excitement of urban town planning.

The game will range across a distance of 6 miles and a total of 9 rounds. A round consists of placing your putting set down in the park, Measuring a 3 metre distance from the hole and counting the number of strokes to complete a put.

You will require the following:

  • a bike
  • a child's putting set and a way to strap this to your transportation
  • a childish sense of humour
  • basic road knowledge
  • the ability to read a map

To minimise expenditure we suggest clubbing together and purchasing a putting set between several people* and sharing this for the day.

*For any of you anal enough to be worried that your competition may have purchased a superior childrens putting set and therefore have put themselves at an advantage, we would like to remind you this is only meant to be a bit of fun and not an accurate demonstration of your sporting prowess. There are actual golf courses you can attend if you care that much.

Please convene in Newington Green at midday prompt on August 11th, where we will distribute, maps, scorecards, measuring tapes & pencils.


Club members are required to wear the correct golfing attire during matchplay. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and revocation of club membership.

We are assuming that you understand the basic rules of golf, which involve counting how many strokes it takes to put the ball in the hole. This denotes your score for that hole.

You can then proceed to the next hole as marked en route. We advise following the route given as it has been carefully designed to maximise use of quiet roads and ease of cycling.

Members are required to play a round in every one of the 9 holes to submit a scorecard.

A hole must be played on a grass surface to be considered a valid par. We trust the more exacting among you will be quick to correct any player found flouting this rule.

We are aiming to cover all 9 holes by 5pm, where we will decamp to the nearby hostelry to collect in completed scorecards.

For those of a mathematical bent this equates to roughly half an hour duration between each location so you may not necessarily want to hang around that long watching other peoples performance.

You have until 6pm to present your completed scorecard otherwise the club house will be closed for the day.

Once all scorecards have been received and counted a winner will be decided. A prize will be awarded at the after party later that evening.

Do remember

Please respect other park users. They are here to have a nice time not spectate on your amateur swing or expose their children to your more colourful language.

Please cycle carefully and respect other road users. Try not to kill yourself. We feel that may put a dampener on proceedings.

Whilst consumption of alcohol is generally applauded please try to be mindful of its effect on both your golfing and cycling performance.


The holes are numbered 1 - 9. We will be providing a suggested route betwixt each hole. You should be able to cycle most of the distance although there are occasionally places where its best to get off and walk. Please be courteous to children and pedestrians whilst traversing the pavement.


For those of you who a) hate golf b) hate dressing up or c) hate riding a bike the second part of proceedings is an after party happening in The Prince in Stoke newington (see map).

We've hired the upstairs so we can be drunk and shout as much as we like without offending the locals. I'm going to arrange a few snacks so if you could RSVP on the facebook group or by emailing me, then I can get an idea of numbers for the purposes of catering.

Party starts from 8pm onwards. I believe they will be open until 1am. For anyone still standing there will also be an after-after party at Lewis Gardens until the last person pukes or passes out.